2008 USA

The word beyond borders

Babel continues its work of “linguistic hospitality”, bringing to the public authors and translators who live and write between several languages and cultures. This third edition of the festival confronts itself with the “imperial language” and “people from the provinces”: American English and those writers who, coming from the outskirts of its linguistic domains, stretch its borders and redefine its identity through distant imaginaries and syntaxes. The United English of America are Derek Walcott, Amitav Ghosh, Sandra Cisneros, Daniel Heller-Roazen, Jamaica Kincaid, Ha Jin and Stephanos Papadopoulos. This global language is accompanied by a more local Swiss language, Romansh, with guests Iso Camartin, Clà Riatsch, Leo Tuor, Chasper Pult.

Beyond the word’s borders

To take us beyond the boundaries of words in the third edition of Babel is the breathtaking performance by the Tiger Lillies, a British grand guignolesque band, who in Literary Lilies performs the musical translations of Shockheaded Peter and the troubling tales of H.P Lovecraft. But also an exhibition of one of the most important photographers of the 20th Century, Walker Evans, Let us now praise famous men, accompanied by an exhibition by Swiss photographer Theo Frey at the Villa dei Cedri, the projection of a video by Kara Walker at Teatro Sociale, and the weeks of cineBabel curated by Circolo del cinema.
Finally the workshop and the Extra: the program for the schools, the Babel library, the Rete Due stand and barBabel.