2007 Balkans

The word beyond borders

Literature and translation carry us through cultural and linguistic borders to welcome the «diverse»: for this reason Babel invites the public to meet authors who live and write between several cultures accompanied by their Italian translators. In 2007 there are multiple borders which the meetings will cross: Babel will host languages from the Balkans with guests such as
Ismail Kadaré, Tomaz Salamun, Ornela Vorpsi, Predrag Matvejevic, Abdulah Sidran and Dejan Ilic. The featured national language will be German, with discussions with authors Michael Krüger, Helena Janeczek and Giorgio Orelli, translator of Goethe.

Beyond the word’s borders

Babel also gives voice to other «translations» between different artistic languages: to the relationship between literature and cinema, with a cycle of Balkanic films curated by the Circolo del cinema; and music, with a concert by Ljiljana Petrovic Buttler and the Mostar Sevdah Reunion; and contemporary art with video works by Marina Abramovic and Adrian Paci. To complete the festival, there are meetings with schools, the exhibition «Herman Hesse and the publishing house Suhrkamp», the Babel library, the Rete Due gazebo, barBabel and the translation workshop.