School sector

Babel runs a programme for secondary school pupilsaimed at stimulating their interest in writing and translation, and encouraging them to reflect on the culture of each year’s chosen guest country.

– In April 2017, Saleh Addonia met with the students of the Bellinzona and Lugano 2 high schools and held a workshop with the Eritrean boys of the pre-internship for integration in preparation for a more substantial and continued collaboration with pre-internships .
– During the festival Xiaolu Guo and Ugo Cornia, guests of Babel 2017, will meet with high school students in Lugano, and Bellinzona high school and the Scuola Cantonale di Commercio.

In collaboration with Scuola Cantonale di Commercio and Liceo Cantonale, Bellinzona; Scuole medie, Bellinzona; DFA; Decs Cantone Ticino; Dicastero attività giovanili Città di Bellinzona.