Babel 2017. The Afterlife

September 14-17

Translation moves across literatures, literatures move across worlds. This year, Babel crosses over the ultimate boundary and welcomes writers who – from the world over and in different languages, with irony or with rage, cautious or in love – gave voice to the silent entourage, shed light on the shadows. Babel goes Afterlife.

With Yu Hua and Xiaolu Guo, Éric Chevillard, Marie NDiaye, Susana Moreira Marques, John Freeman and Franco Buffoni, Abdelfattah Kilito and Luisa Orelli, and Ugo Cornia, Daniele Benati e Viola Di Grado for Moby Dick, Rete Due. Plus, on the opening night, Anne Brécart with Carlotta Bernardoni Jaquinta, and the Poethreesome project with Gaia Grandin, Andrea Bianchetti e Michael Fehr. Monique Schwitter won’t be with us, but we’ll welcome back a very special guest, Elena Botchorichvili, author of Opera!

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>>> The word beyond boundaries
>>> Beyond the word’s boundaries