Saleh Addonia

Saleh Addonia

is a London-based Eritrean-Ethiopian writer. Addonia grew up in a refugee camp in Sudan, where he lost his hearing at the age of twelve. He then migrated to Saudi Arabia and to London some 20 years ago. After directing several digital animations and two short films, he is now dedicated to writing. In his short stories he mostly focuses on time, trying to come to terms with memories and elements of the past.

«After the city’s authorities refused us asylum, and then the court of appeal dismissed our appeal, we went underground. The grounds of our applications were to seek Her. In our applications, we stated that in the city where we grew up she was nowhere to be found so we fled to fall in love with Her».
Saleh Addonia, from The Street Sweepers, work in progress.

Eritrea > Sudan > Saudi Arabia > London, time and again.

Teatro Sociale, Saturday September 17, 2 PM