Nadifa Mohamed

Nadifa Mohamed

Somali-born Nadifa Mohamed is the author of Black Mamba Boy, which was shortlisted for the Guardian First Book award and won the 2010 Betty Trask prize from the Society of Authors. Her novel, The Orchard of Lost Souls, won the Somerset Maugham prize and has been longlisted for the Dylan Thomas prize. In 2013 she was selected by Granta among the Best Young British Novelists.

«On the last broad Mahmood had taken, the owners had installed new boilers and all the brass fittings had shone in the white light of the furnaces, he had taken a step back to admire it before shoveling more coal in and turning the white light into an almost sentient colourless gas that roved backwards and up the chimney like a jinni escaping a lamp.EndFragment».
From: Nadifa Mohamed, work in progress

Mexico > London > Mexico, 2017 and Somalia > London > Somalia, 2017
Two parallel readings from work in progress, exclusively translated by Babel for its gran finale that leaves London to reach towards what was left behind, who’s been lost, a homeland, a mother tongue. Or the mother tongue is London?

Teatro Sociale, Sunday September 18, 6 PM