Chloe Aridjis

Chloe Aridjis

grew up in the Netherlands and Mexico. She then studied comparative literature at Harvard followed by a PhD at Oxford in nineteenth-century French poetry and magic shows. Her first novel, Book of Clouds, won the Prix du Premier Roman Etranger in France in 2009. Her second novel, Asunder, is set in London’s National Gallery. Chloe was the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2014. She recently co-curated the Leonora Carrington exhibition at Tate Liverpool. Her third novel is due to appear in 2017.

«The figure appeared to be a female creature. She was cupping her hands and pouring water over her head. Long tresses fell around her rather hunchbacked body, which in the moonlight looked like an irregular pearl with its misplaced humps and curves. Her skin sagged in folds of varying thickness and the rivulets of water added more wrinkles as if she were bathing in a reverse fountain of youth. Had one of the fountains’ statues, inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, come to life? No, it wasn’t Neptune riding a sea monster or Perseus fighting the Gorgon or a Venus distended by time».
From: Chloe Aridjs, Book of Thunder, to be published in 2018

Messico > Londra > Messico, 2017 e Somalia > Londra > Somalia, 2017
Two parallel readings from work in progress, exclusively translated by Babel for its gran finale that leaves London to reach towards what was left behind, who’s been lost, a homeland, a mother tongue. Or the mother tongue is London?

Teatro Sociale, Sunday September 18, 6 PM