Babel 2014, the languages of the Antilles

Trinidad, Cuba, Giamaica, Martinique, Haiti, Repubblica Dominicana, Bahamas. September 2014, 11-14

In 2014 Babel invited writers from the Antilles: a melting-pot of races and cultures whose roots dive deep into African and European soil, but whose branches reach towards the Americas and the whole world. Or rather, like mangroves, root and branch out into the water reacting to the relentless sea-change of currents and tides, with a unique capacity to adapt, aggregate, rebel and re-conquer. Spanish from Cuba and the Dominican Republic, French from Haiti and Martinique, English from Trinidad and Jamaica, Dutch from Curacao, as well as Portuguese, Hindi, Chinese, and the variety of Creoles and spoken dialects: the languages of the Antilles reflect this rich and dramatic tangle of different influences. The literatures of the Antilles are the fruits of this tangled mass of roots, blooms, breakers, sea creatures and boughs.Babel writers are Earl LovelaceLyonel TrouillotAbilio EstévezElizabeth Walcott-HackshawRita Indiana HernandezPatrick ChamoiseauRobert AntoniKei MillerBern ist Ueberall.